Social Media

“Data For Every Member of the Family”

Through a simple yet entertaining social post, we showed how every member of the family can enjoy the benefits of AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan, even the cat. Borrowing the most viral internet celebrity(aka cats), we created a short and sweet offer video with an unexpected twist at the end.



“Romeo & Juliette”

In order to show how AT&T has enhanced the lives of our customers by having the best network, we inserted a smartphone into an iconically tragic love story—Romeo and Juliette—and rewriting the narrative to have a happy ending thanks to technology.

As a result, the posts became the most engaged organic post for the AT&T Latino Facebook page at the time.

Wherefore art thou Romeo? 
Just Sleeping

Fake Post

Just a normal post on your news feed until ghosts starts taking over your computer. This “fake post” tricks unsuspecting user as they scroll.

“Paranormal Chronicles: Salte”

Ghosts are not scary, but your phone’s autocorrect IS. We came up with this Facebook radio spot to get AT&T into the spirit of Halloween/Day of the Dead. No offer, just good old camp fire stories.