Celebrated classics are rewritten with women in the lead role.


Every May The Wild Detectives Bookstore hosts the Women Galore Festival to celebrate female writers. Our goal is to extend their ideals and create a more inclusive future for young women.

The idea is simple: we switched the title character of influential novels from male to female. By leaving the plot untouched, we wanted to show how anything a man is capable of doing, a woman is also capable of achieving in the exact same way.

As a result, local schools adopted our Shequel Classic into their reading curriculum, and the campaign received global acclaim with zero spent media.


CANNES LIONS 2018 | Shortlist: Brand Experience & Activation, Shortlist: Print & Publishing

EL OJO | Bronze


We created/recreated covers for classic books this time featuring both a male and female lead.


Bite sized digital books were uploaded to Wild Detectives' social channels


The extended novel is uploaded to our website where reader can switch between either versions with a toggle. 

He to She, Him to Her, Mr. to Ms. etc.


Finally we edited an entire novel by Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days, and released it to the public by giving out physical copies and an online E-book.

Here's what people had to say about our book.


ROLE: art director, designer/illustrator, animator, backup copy